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Inspiring Catholic Leadership

that Makes Disciples

Saint John, Indiana  |  September 25, 2024

Spirit Led Leadership

Join Fr. John Riccardo, Ron Huntley, Fr. Sammie Maletta, and the SJE Team for an inspiring and thought-provoking event designed to empower Catholic leaders with the tools, insights, and strategies needed to make a profound Gospel-sized impact on your community.


Connect with like-minded leaders, learn from others in ministry, and gain practical tools to propel your ministry forward in a Spirit-led way.


Most importantly, come away with ministry leaders like you to pray, give thanks, and call on the Spirit that has blessed us with the gift of life in Jesus through His Church.

DS Speakers


Gospel-sized  impact

No matter your role, if you're called to lead then let it be by the Spirit. You can make a Gospel-sized impact in your family, friends, Church, and community. 

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DS Workshops

Hear from Parish Leaders.

Engage with Disciple-makers  like You.

How Do We Get Well: Two Invitations to Consider


Digital Missionaries: Harnessing the Power of Media for Ministry

Khalil Hattar, Bobby Fredericksen, Michael Jakubielski, and Dale Struebing

20 Plus Mindset
Leadership Teams

Fr. Sammie Maletta, Khalil Hattar, Hilary DiTola, Kris Ziegelhofer, and Katie Fredericksen

Making, Molding, and Missioning Disciples

Ron Huntley, Louis Cain, Katherine Carlson, and Lorraine McCarthy

The Spirit-Led Sunday Experience

Fr Declan McNicholas and SJE Worship Team


Experience DiscipleShift and connect with Church leaders looking to grow deeper in their leadership as disciples who make disciples.


There’s something in store for you at DiscipleShift!


the DS Digital Experience

Here. There. Anywhere.

#DSC2023 will not only be delivered to in-person attendees. The keynote talks will be recorded and available following the conference to guests through our immersive DS digital experience. 

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